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The LRPR Guide to Radio Interviews

February 9, 2024

The Radio Interview how to really get your key points across effectively

Preparation, clarity, and concise communication

My number one is to Listen to the question asked and respond to the points raised.

Pay attention to the interviewer’s questions and feedback, and respond thoughtfully. Engage in a dialogue rather than delivering a monologue, and be prepared to adapt your key points based on the flow of the conversation.

Tone, pitch and energy…..Be Engaging: Radio is an auditory medium, so use your voice to convey enthusiasm and passion for your subject. Speak clearly and with energy to captivate listeners and hold their attention.

Know Your Key Points: Before the interview, identify the main messages you want to convey. These could be the key ideas, statistics, or stories you want the audience to remember. Personal experiences or case studies can help illustrate your message and make it more engaging

Prepare Talking Points: Develop talking points around your key messages. These should be brief, memorable phrases or sentences that encapsulate your main ideas.

Practice Concise Responses: Radio interviews often have limited time, so practice delivering your key points concisely. Aim to express each point clearly and succinctly, using simple language that listeners can easily understand.

Stay Focused + be Engaging: Be human the interview will not go 100% the way you have planned so you need to adapt. This comes through listening and sensing the tone of the conversation. If you feel it is going in a way you want to switch up, then do not ignore what you are asked but segway into where you want to go then to bring yourself back to your key talking points. If the interviewer asks unrelated questions, politely steer the conversation back to your main messages.

Stop using unnecessary words and watch your use and then repetition of words like:

Never ever say this- Basically (Nothing about what we do is basic so please eliminate this from your vocab)

I suppose

Am, am, am

Please at the top of the interview when you are greeted by the presenter for being on, just say Good morning, Claire, no need for thanks for having me on etc.

Provide Clear Takeaways.

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