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Launching Ice Group 4 Day Work Week.

March 8, 2015

In June ICE Group is launched their 4 day work week after an intensive look at how the company could work at recognizing their evolving employee needs. This looks to be one of the first in Ireland.

Recognising the value of adopting more flexible ways of working to motivate, encourage and retain staff, ICE Group in Galway are now switching their business to a 4-day working week model. The award-winning Recruitment, Training and Outsourced HR and Payroll Business partner to many successful Irish and Multi-national organisations. With over 50 employees and an international client base of clients has identified the importance in the change of working environment when it comes to the traditional workspace.

The 4 Day Week (Project 475100) is an initiative that gives back to their extremely hard-working staff.

PR Images Mike Shaughnessy

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