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The Role of Legacy Media- How to position your message into a story.

February 14, 2024

Working with University of Limerick and talking on the importance and the role of Legacy media in getting your message out.

Trusted sources working together from a PR perspective and from the media outlets- what are you trying to say and how can you get that to land?

Not everything will land and you need to know what is a story and what is of interest.

We talked on:

Know Your Audience, Clarity is Key, Emotional Appeal and what is your Call to Action.

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The LRPR Guide to Radio Interviews

February 9, 2024

The Radio Interview how to really get your key points across effectively

Preparation, clarity, and concise communication

My number one is to Listen to the question asked and respond to the points raised.

Pay attention to the interviewer’s questions and feedback, and respond thoughtfully. Engage in a dialogue rather than delivering a monologue, and be prepared to adapt your key points based on the flow of the conversation.

Tone, pitch and energy…..Be Engaging: Radio is an auditory medium, so use your voice to convey enthusiasm and passion for your subject. Speak clearly and with energy to captivate listeners and hold their attention.

Know Your Key Points: Before the interview, identify the main messages you want to convey. These could be the key ideas, statistics, or stories you want the audience to remember. Personal experiences or case studies can help illustrate your message and make it more engaging

Prepare Talking Points: Develop talking points around your key messages. These should be brief, memorable phrases or sentences that encapsulate your main ideas.

Practice Concise Responses: Radio interviews often have limited time, so practice delivering your key points concisely. Aim to express each point clearly and succinctly, using simple language that listeners can easily understand.

Stay Focused + be Engaging: Be human the interview will not go 100% the way you have planned so you need to adapt. This comes through listening and sensing the tone of the conversation. If you feel it is going in a way you want to switch up, then do not ignore what you are asked but segway into where you want to go then to bring yourself back to your key talking points. If the interviewer asks unrelated questions, politely steer the conversation back to your main messages.

Stop using unnecessary words and watch your use and then repetition of words like:

Never ever say this- Basically (Nothing about what we do is basic so please eliminate this from your vocab)

I suppose

Am, am, am

Please at the top of the interview when you are greeted by the presenter for being on, just say Good morning, Claire, no need for thanks for having me on etc.

Provide Clear Takeaways.

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County Galway artists to kick off new season of exhibitions at The Gallery

January 29, 2024

To launch the 2024 artistic season The Gallery Café, Gort will host their first exhibition by Artists Leonie King and Siobhan Percy. The exhibition will officially open on Sunday 18 February at 7pm. The two County Galway Artists whom are living in Oranmore and Athenry, have both lectured in the Art and Design Department at ATU as well as exhibiting together as members of the AKIN Artist Collective. The two initiated the imPRESSions Original Print Biennial together which was a regular feature of the Galway International Arts Festival.

Since college Leonie King has travelled extensively, having spent time in South America, India, and Morocco. Foreign images and colours are brought home and blended with those of the Irish landscape: its patterns and textures and mists. An awareness of the past transparently overlaid on the present is part of the underlying notion of her work and pertains to the sense of eternity, stretching both backwards and forwards.

Her work is an endless balancing of dynamics, of coloured texture over variant coloured texture. Her inspiration comes from an interacting of the emotional with reflections of the surrounding area, both present and past. The effervescent colour changes of the sea and land transpose themselves into multi-layered prints that are responses to a communing with soil, rock, and that which ekes out an existence on it, and underneath the surface of the earth. Leonie has exhibited nationally and internationally Including the Royal Academy Summer Show.

Sioban Piercy makes sculptures that she refers to as ‘books’ and her work is an enquiry into the construction we call ‘a book’. She is intrigued by this object that we use to tell stories to ourselves about ourselves. She draws our attention to the book as a physical thing made of unassuming materials such as paper and ink, but at the same time how both can be used to manifest something other than they are, where these assemblages of modest bits and pieces become contraptions of our meaning-making and are transmuted into structures of imagination and self-explanation.

For this exhibition she is showing a series of drawings which are studies for a new set of books she is presently working on. In these, she plays with our perceptions by making marks that suggest writing or a handwritten text but in fact are documenting the world – in this case seascapes- in quite a different way. In so doing toys with our ‘reading’ of the drawing and the book.

The exhibition runs for two months from 18 February at The Gallery Café, The Square, Gort, Co. Galway and is open during restaurant hours. See www.thegallerycafegort.com for more information.

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University of Galway IdeasLab Stanford University Innovation Fellowship

December 4, 2023

University of Galway IdeasLab students have joined with students from across 67 educational institutes in 15 countries to become University Innovation Fellows. The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program empowers students to become agents of change at their universities. 

Fellows work to ensure that all students gain the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to navigate a complex world and build the future.   These student leaders from schools around the globe create opportunities to help their peers build the creative confidence, agency, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to address global challenges. Fellows create student innovation spaces, start entrepreneurship organizations, facilitate experiential workshops, work with the university community to develop new courses, and much more.

– Mia Shanley-Brookes, BSc Medicinal Chemistry, 2024
– Sophie Spellissy, Computer Science and Information Technology, 2025
– Ciaran Cox, Biomedical Engineering, 2028

The inaugural fellows in University of Galway are Mia Shanley Brookes (Medicinal Chemistry, 2024), Sophie Spellissy (Computer Science and Information Technology, 2025) and Ciaran Cox (Biomedical Engineering, 2028).  Mia, Sophie and Ciaran are working as advocates for lasting institutional change with university leaders, lending the much-needed student voice to the conversations about the future of higher education and entrepreneurship. 

The students participated in a 6-week training experience during which they learned to analyse their campus ecosystems and identify opportunities for change related to innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity. They worked to understand the needs of peers on the University campus and apply this new knowledge and perspective to design new educational opportunities for their peers. In early 2024 the student team will prototype a new programme that focuses on shadowing start-ups and early stage companies to better understand how firms work and what types of roles students may wish to undertake once they are finished university and moving onto their next chapter.

The Fellows programme is run by Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d. School). With the addition of the new Fellows, the programme has trained more than 3,100 students since its creation.   Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Co-Director of the University Innovation Fellows programme ‘Fellows Mia, Sophie and Ciaran have developed new ways to help students at the University of Galway enhance their innovation skills, connect their learning with real-world applications, and gain access to essential resources. We’re so proud of the hard work they’ve done already, and we’re excited to see the impact they continue to have’.

Dr Natalie Walsh a Faculty Innovation Fellow with Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) and the Director of Entrepreneurial Development in the University of Galway stated that ‘We are delighted to join the University Innovation Fellowship community and support our students to design new experiences that support all students to develop the skills and mindsets necessary to navigate these uncertain times and to shape the future they want to see.  The partnership aligns with our values of excellence and sustainability, and we are excited to launch a new programme designed and delivered by Mia, Ciaran and Sophie in early 2024’.

 University of Galway is the only Irish University who have taken part in the UIF programme.  A core theme of the programme supports responsible futuring and the team look forward to travelling to the University of Twente in 2024 to build skills and expertise and connect in person with the UIF community of over 2,000 faculty and students from across the globe.

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University of Galway unveils President’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to foster student excellence

December 4, 2023

University of Galway President, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh has launched the newly introduced President’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that recognises and celebrates the achievements of University of Galway students in the realms of entrepreneurship and innovation.

It was officially launched as he formally opened the IdeasLab Space on campus, marking the institution’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among its student body. IdeasLab is University of Galway’s student innovation hub. It is an open collaborative space designed to enable students to explore ideas and personalise their entrepreneurial and innovative skillset to succeed in the complex world beyond university.

The award features three tiers of achievement, namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Students who complete one IdeasLab programme during their degree are eligible for the Bronze tier, while those who successfully complete two programmes earn the Silver tier. The highest honour, the Gold tier, is reserved for students who undertake more than two programmes or complete the IdeasLab’s summer incubator programme ‘Start100’.

The President’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been designed to acknowledge the pivotal role that student-driven innovation and entrepreneurship play in shaping Ireland’s future. By providing a structured framework for the development of these skills, the University aims to enhance the overall student experience and prepare its graduates for industry.

“We believe that students who develop innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills play a crucial role in enriching their communities, advancing knowledge, and building a good society,” said Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh. “The President’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship reflects our commitment to cultivating our students’ capacities to become agents and architects of positive change and aligns with our values and our commitment to investing in the social, economic and intellectual development of our communities, nationally and internationally.”

The formal opening of the IdeasLab Space symbolises the University’s dedication to creating an environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and transformative ideas. This space is a vibrant hub where students can bring their innovative concepts to life, collaborate with like-minded peers, and receive mentorship from industry experts.

Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development stated that ‘Today is a milestone moment for innovation in our university as we formally launch our student innovation space IdeasLab and our new President’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  The space and new awards programme demonstrate our commitment to empowering students as catalysts for positive change and equip them with the skills and competences to succeed in their futures’.  For more information go to www.universityofgalway.ie/ideaslab.

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Global reach of local event honoured at Fáilte Ireland Awards

November 27, 2023

Wexford native FRESH Street conference brought 21 countries to Inis Oírr Galway

Fáilte Ireland celebrated the outstanding contributions of 104 conference ambassadors, including renowned academics and industry leaders, at an award ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Wexford native and ISACS (Irish Street Art, Circus and Spectacle Network) Director Lucy Medlycott was there to receive the Fáilte Ireland CARA award for bringing a conference, FRESH Street 2019, to Galway and for its contribution to the region’s economic impact.  The event took place from 22 – 24th May 2019 in Galway City and Inis Oírr and brought together over 280 delegates from 21 different countries and from 4 different continents. Making it a local event on a global level which examined the incredible power of making artistic work for public spaces.

“ISACS are beyond thrilled to receive this award out of the blue for the wonderful FRESH Street event which we held in partnership with Circostrada and Galway 2020 back in May 2019. ‘It feels particularly special to get this kind of recognition for an event whose significance was slightly eclipsed by the ensuing pandemic. We are super grateful for the acknowledgment of the value of these art forms in our cultural landscape by Minister Martin and Failte Ireland and especially the Meet in Galway team,” said Lucy Medlycott Director of ISACS network.

“Every year we bring professional international programmers, festivals, and arts managers to Ireland to meet with the ISACS membership. This year alone we hosted over 15 arts professionals with the support of Culture Ireland. And next year we have some exciting plans once more for the international development of this most democratic of art forms. ISACS will in fact be hosting Circostrada – the European Network for Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Arts – in Ireland once again, during summer of 2024, with their DIVE programme. Details will be released soon.”

FRESH Street brought over 260 delegates attended from 21 different countries, across 4 continents. In advance of the seminar, a 2-day private meeting was hosted by the Arts Council of Ireland for policymakers across the world. Over 12 policymakers arrived from the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Latvia and France to share and discuss topics of mutual interest. The Circostrada Network facilitated this, and it was highly influential in mapping out means to establish data and to grow knowledge of this rapidly developing art form across the territory.

The ambassadors were acknowledged for their expertise, industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to successfully hosting an international conference in Ireland between 2018 and 2022. Collectively these conferences have contributed €125 million to the Irish economy and have made a positive impact on our nation. 

Fáilte Ireland’s Conference Ambassador Programme was developed to support individuals who want to host an international conference in Ireland. The programme provides assistance and financial support at every stage of the event, from the initial bidding, through to the marketing and promotion of the event. Ambassadors are sector leaders or influencers in their field and since the programme was established in 2009, Fáilte Ireland has supported almost 3,000 ambassadors in their bids to host conferences and events worth more than €2 billion.

To find out more check out www.isacs.ie.

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Kristy Verenga explores Who Am I? in Gort

November 9, 2023

The Gallery Café to host New York Artist exhibition

Experimental artist Kristy Verenga has opened her Who Am I? exhibition which combines media to explore the question at The Gallery Café in Gort. Kristy uses painting and sculpture to build the world that she calls home, these abstract and symbolic narratives are an expression of her daily experience.

Using oil paint on a wax ground and sometimes a texture like sand which also lets the drawing remain visible as part of the dynamic whole, she makes her own paper clay for the sculpture, which process emerged as a pandemic palliative. The images in her work are both playful and expressive of this interior dialogue.  

Kristy Verenga studied modern dance and music and this feeling of movement is present in her work. She lived in Manhattan for 15 years where she had a fashion business, art gallery and taught yoga.

In 1999, she moved to Barcelona and had a studio in Tecla Sala, a gallery and work space for artists. In 2005, she received a residency grant with solo exhibit at the Roscommon Arts Centre which prompted the move to Ireland. She received a travel bursary (The Irish cow vs. the Indian sacred cow) which took her to Sanskriti Kendra in New Delhi, India. She now lives and works in Kinvara.

The exhibition will run until 7th of January 2024 and all pieces are available to buy in house. Pop in or check out www.thegallerycafegort.com.

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Because the night belongs to us…Nostalgia of the 90s lives on

November 6, 2023

Jezahel ignites the spirit of the night

After captivating audiences with its debut performance at The Blue Note in Galway’s Westend on Culture Night 2023, Jezahel will make its way to Galway’s Town Hall Theatre in December, promising a night of humour, nostalgia, and an intoxicating blend of class As craic!

This production, written by Malachy Duggan and directed by Emily Ahern is not your average theatrical experience; it is a wild ride through the past, mixing laughter, memories, and the energy of a bygone era.

Can a group of aging ravers defy the odds and stay up past their bedtime one more night to save the day? With a B-movie concept 30 years in the making, it is a play that would have the legendary Roger Corman spinning in his grave – that is, if he were already six feet under.

This feature-length play delves deep into 90s nostalgia and masterfully fits a square peg into the circle of life, exploring the journey of a group of kids from the 90s who have grown old, left without a roadmap for their lives. And the youth of today? They find themselves in a similar predicament, with all the nightclubs gone. Jezahel is a celebration of culture that comes alive after the sun sets, an experience that bridges the generational gap and ignites the spirit of the night.

Jezahel prompts the audience to reflect on the importance of preserving spaces for cultural expression, social interaction, and the party. The play highlights the need for fostering vibrant and diverse nightlife options in Ireland.

“Jezahel is a theatrical spectacle that transcends generations, a must-see for anyone looking to rekindle their youth, share a laugh, or simply experience the electric energy of the 90s once more,” smiled Malachy.

Tickets for Jezahel are priced at €16 and are available www.tht.ie or www.jezahel.com. The performance is happening on Thursday 7th December at 8pm.