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CreateHer with University of Galway IdeasLab International Women’s Day event

March 10, 2023

CreateHer with University of Galway IdeasLab International Women’s Day event at Druid Theatre Company

This year through my ongoing work with IdeasLab I was asked to moderate, MC and hold a panel discussion for International Women’s Day. As always my recommendation for this was The Mick Lally Theatre which is ran by the wonderful Siomha and is one of my favourite spaces in Galway.

We have talked alot about equality over the years and now we are looking at how we can move towards a more equitable society.

Simply put: Equality means everyone gets a shoe.
Equity means everyone gets a shoe that fits.

The passionate, captivating, and creative tour de force, Noeline Kavanagh who has brought so much joy and our imaginations to life through her work with the internationally acclaimed Galway-based theatre spectacle company Macnas – Spectacle Theatre Company agreed to be our keynote speaker.

She was the first female and the youngest person at 23 to ever direct the Macnas parade which happened in 2008. It was one of the largest parades ever – with over 500 community participants in it.

Driven by love, imagination, friendship, possibility, chance, choice, challenge, Noeline Kavanagh is a person that offers and delivers so much. Her words on the night lifted the roof and everyone in the room, it was in her vulnerability and honesty we saw her true character and what an incredible person she is. A true leader.

On the panel was Vanessa Creaven
Co-Founder + CEO Spotlight Oral Care
Dr. Natalie Walsh
Director of Entrepreneurial Development University of Galway
Mary Ryan
Deputy CEO WestBIC

These conversations began with defining personal success and how that is ever changing, how we can practically support each other throughout our careers, why being amped up and super charged on busy mode is so 2018 and what we have changed our minds about and why that is a very good thing. Nothing is as enjoyable as good conversation and connection with other people in real life.

This night was all of that.

Thank you Tribe Hospitality Group for the refreshments and WestBIC for sponsoring.

Martina Regan was on hand to capture the ,magic.

Lisa Regan Public Relations (Me) handled all pre and post communications and the MC’ing duties on the evening to which I take very seriously as I love nothing more than researching and being invested in those I am talking and listening to.

Thank you Lisa. 

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Effective Communication Workshop

February 7, 2023

Effective Communication Workshop

Sometimes we think we are listening but actually we are just waiting to speak.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work with Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Galway and their Youth Advocates (YAs). as well as Clinician Bree and Youth and Community Engagement Worker Laura. I love workshop and group collective environments, you learn so much through what your are presenting from the reactions, responses and conversations of the people you are in the room with. Its invaluable.

The YAs are working on a very important communication project this year and before they embarked on this, they wanted to build confidence through effective communication skills.

To me a good communicator means being a good LISTENER.

•Communicating well is a skill. And the great news is this can be learnt.

•What is a skill- The Ability to do something well

Throughout the afternoon we touched on ways in which we all can develop the skill of communication- listening, observing, body language, tone, inflection and meeting people where they are.

•Good communication for me lies in storytelling. Stories evoke feelings and this will resonate long after you have spoken with people.

Remember: Listening to understand, not to respond

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Galway’s The Dough Bros named among world’s Top 100 pizzerias

September 14, 2022

First EVER Irish listed Pizza to make best in the world

Galway’s The Dough Bros have been crowned one of the Top 100 pizzerias in the entire world this week, and the single best in the country. The Dough Bros, Ronan and Eugene Greaney journeyed to Naples for the 50 Top Pizza event and were listed as the No. 79 best pizzeria in the world, and were also named the Top Pizzeria in Ireland 2022 with judges citing their “dough is made to perfection and the selection of raw ingredients is always top quality.”

The 50 Top Pizza is an online guide to the best pizzerias in Italy and the world, without preference to style.  The guide is inspired by the general concept of quality in its broadest sense giving preference to establishments that use locally sourced and seasonal products.  The inspectors for the guide, one thousand experts spread throughout the world, are invited to consider each pizzeria on the whole, and to make an assessment based on its capacity to guarantee the well-being of the customer based on their informed selection from the menu.  Then, the visits to the pizzerias are carried out anonymously. 

On Monday of last week, they flew back to Naples, where they fell in love with pizza as kids, where Ronan trained in 2015 and where they go often to try pizzerias and get inspiration. “We have flown across the world to New York, Italy, Copenhagen to eat and soak up what these guys do. We have ordered their cookbooks. And there we are on stage with them,” remarked Eugene.

These awards are judged on the quality of the pizza (leavening and primary ingredients), the service, the location, the wait, and the beverage lists. “We have some of the best dairy, meat, veg in the world right here, on our doorstep. So why can’t one of the world’s best Pizzerias be right here in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland? Sounded crazy but that has been our goal from day one, and now we have seen that materialise.”

The Bros were joined by their mother Eileen and sister Ailise (They may have snuck them into the awards!) who have been there with them from the start when they were a humble food truck and operating at the various markets learning their trade.

Eugene reflects a very focused mindset from the outset, “we started with a mission to change people’s perceptions of what pizza could be when it’s done right. When it’s done with craft, dedication and the best of Irish ingredients. We wanted to shake things up in the Irish Pizza scene but also to put Irish Pizza on the international map.

“After our training in Naples in 2015, and numerous trips to Italy, the States and more, we had a quiet confidence in the Irish Food scene and felt what some of our peers were doing here at home was up there with anything we had tried. The Irish food scene gave us huge confidence and inspired us like nowhere else. We started to ask why the best Pizzerias in the world have to always be in Naples, New York, London? And now Ireland and Galway is there.”

Pizza is loved across the globe, with over a MILLION places alone in the USA serving pizza and Eight on Abbeygate street in Galway when the Bros first opened in 2014, a win like this for Galway and Ireland highlights the commitment to excellence from this restaurant.

The Bros had also already been named the Best in Ireland at the 2021 awards, and held onto their title. There was big praise too for their pivot during 2020 for their at home pizza kits, which proved a huge hit when lockdown kept people from their favourite restaurants.

“The last two years have been very complicated for these brothers from Galway. However, the health crisis has made the two rethink their business strategy, leading them to decide on a new offer, a pizza which can be sent to all corners of the country.  The idea has been a resounding success, and now they are reaping the rewards. In fact, undeterred, they have refined their deliveries and they have developed a kit for making pizza at home. The pizza is baked in a wood oven and if you live near Galway or  they can be delivered to any part of Ireland,” Top 100 pizzerias Judges.

You can find The Dough Bros who have just renovated their base at Cathedral Buildings on Middle Street and at O’Connells Bar in Eyre Square in Galway. They open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 10pm. 

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