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October 9, 2020

New York May 2022, Damian Browne & Fergus Farrell will push a 7m Ocean Rowing boat away from the dock and row out into The Hudson River. The next time their feet touch land will be 4937kms away, when they arrive in their hometown, Galway, Ireland. In the process and unsupported, they will endure and cross by manpower alone, one of the most unforgiving and ferocious pieces of water on the planet, The North Atlantic Ocean.

This project is founded on dreams, legacy, purpose and the belief that we can all achieve extraordinary things if we commit and do the work. 

Project EMPOWER’s mission is to empower all to find their true potential through the execution of planned ambitious endeavour. 
“We hope to give future generations of Ireland and the World, a real image and touchable action to emulate and inspire them to dream big in whatever avenue of life they pursue.”

They can’t do this without you. They need your help!

Damian & Fergus won’t get very far without a boat and they are launching their crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to build this specialised craft that will keep them safe on one of the World’s most unforgiving oceans.

If you want to support, click this link –https://igg.me/at/SBEgkxF41TQ/x/13658856#/ and purchase a Project EMPOWER perk and Join the Project EMPOWER crew now!

Film created by Lorcan Hynes is an award-winning Irish filmmaker. The Row -Written & Directed by Lorcan HynesCreative: Laurence O’ByrneDOP: Narayan Van MaeleColour: Peter Oppersdorff (Moving Picture Company)Music & Sound: Denis KiltyEdit: Rob HegartyFinishing: Jen Connolly (Raygun)Flame: Michael Dowling

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Coffee Lovers unite. Irish coffee company launch nationwide campaign to support cafes

May 20, 2020

Calendar Coffee who are based in Barna in Galway have launched a nationwide campaign to support coffee shops and cafes during the Covid-19 outbreak. The coffee roasters will be donating 30% of every bag sold through their website to any café in Ireland. The best part, is that this can be ANY cafe in the Republic of Ireland, regardless of whether they stock Calendar Coffee or not.

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In the Media Love Wait till I tell ya

Ireland’s largest online education resource offering free study resources to students iRevise.com providing a solution to schools and students for at-home learning

May 11, 2020

With the closure of schools until after Easter, Ireland’s largest online education resource iRevise.com (formerly mocks.ie) are providing all students with free study resources for a month. The service has over 800,000 students use and avail of their services which has helped in exam success and progress on to college.

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