May 20, 2020

One season when the business was really tough, I have never thought before and never thought after this way later, but one morning I was thinking of closing the restaurant as one of the possibility.

I was just in a bed with no energy. The morning Lisa text me `Congratulations!` she told me that your restaurant was selected one of the top 100 restaurant!
I jumped up from my bed and returned to the restaurant and told the staff member. `I was thinking of closing the restaurant but this is the message to not give up.`

I think she lead the such honor for me because with her PR. She is very cheerful person and her positive energy gets people cheer up all the time. PR should be done by this kind person.

I asked Lisa for the PR many times for the cultural event, pop up ramen bar, and renewal opening etc.
Every time it have worked very well and have got a big response specially from local targeted people.

She knows who, when, which media, how should put on PR to have more impact !!
Best wishes Lisa! many many Arigato!

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