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Sustainable Development Goals, Partnership, people, planet, prosperity

September 26, 2023

I have been accepted onto Sustainable Development Goals, Partnership, people, planet, prosperity at ATU Galway City

The aim of the programme is to introduce the theory and application of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a particular focus on their application in the regional context.

The programme aims to encourage knowledge of and reflection on how the SDG framework can be applied in a local context to encourage the implementation of environmentally sustainable, living and working practices, that support a just transition to more equitable society.

Communication and action is where I find purpose. I lead communication efforts that promote sustainable development, preserve Galway’s Westend unique values, and foster an environment that respects and supports the residents and businesses that call the Westend home. As the area undergoes growth and development, there is a need to preserve its distinctive character, promote sustainable practices, and maintain a strong sense of community.

Through collaboration with local businesses, residents, community organizations, and local government bodies to gather insights and perspectives that inform

I am interested in the learnings from this course to further inform a comprehensive communications strategy that aligns with Galway’s Westend’s commitment to sustainable development and community preservation.

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