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May 20, 2020

Galway based Gannet Fishmongers and their online fish store that delivers nationwide have become the first business in Ireland to adopt a fully 100% compostable and sustainably cardboard & paper sourced thermal courier boxes.

Starting as a market stall in the Galway market 15 years ago, Gannet Fish has grown as one of Irelands leading independent fish suppliers. Demand for their exclusive products and extensive knowledge of seafood expanded the business to wholesale. Gannet were at a time supplying many award-winning restaurants and leading chefs across Ireland. Gannet contribution to Irish gastronomy was rewarded in 2017 with a coveted Eurotoques Award and a Georgina Campbell award in 2018.  

Never one to simply be, Gannet decided to rethink their business model and focus their attention toward retail. They designed an innovative online platform allowing consumers to access the widest selection of fish and have it delivered to their door anywhere on the Island.  In 2019, Stefan made the somewhat bold move of ceasing the Million-euro Wholesale trade of Gannet to be able to solely focus and develop the online fish delivery operation and of course the original market stall business.

“Our business has evolved over the 15 years whilst always remaining true to our original engagements. Our weekly markets and face to face with all our Galway customers allowing us to promote an ever-growing range of species. Our Online store has enabled us to share all our seafood with a much wider audience countrywide.  Gannet approach to sustainability is comprehensive: Encouraging diversity, promoting local and small fisheries, always pushing customer awareness to the origin, production methods, and the real environmental footprint of their favourite fish dinner. “Committing to decrease our own is also part of this package…”  

In 2015 Gannet took a costly gamble and became Ireland first fish business to invest and run an electric vehicle to deliver their fish. Five years later, Gannet fish e-van remains strong on the road as part of our Galway home delivery service, having since saved tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions.   

“Our move to zero plastic is part of this and has been driven along with the growth of the business” Stefan Griesbach Owner of said. From 2017, Gannet began the work to outsource and substitute its retail packaging with home-compostable, starch (potatoes) based bags. 

“As a business, we have a duty to seek and avail of any alternatives to petroleum-based plastic. In 2019, we successfully completed the switch, and are now offering (for free) our retail customers a full selection of packaging products: a selection of sizes of home compostable bags and reusable bags.  Plastic packaging will be fully phased out of the business by September 2020 once we have consumed all remaining stocks”.  “What games are large Multiples playing at? What are they waiting for?”  says Stefan… They are the keys to lead other retailers and make such products widely available and affordable to all.  Why is a small business such as Gannet Miles ahead of them? “

It is with very much pride and excitement that Gannet was able to announce to their online customers the launch of a new organic packaging as an alternative to the traditional plastic insulated poly boxes…  “100 % Card board, Sustainably sourced, Fully compostable or recyclable”.

Working along with AP Packaging in Dundalk, they tested out this new system, which has proven to be superior to regular thermal packaging while also solving issues with the transport and the storing of bulky insulated packaging. #Winwin…

“The new boxes combined with our bio-compostable bags really make a difference to our online packaging.  Our customers are delighted with the new system. Since we have even also sourced eco tape which will very soon phase out the existing need for plastic tape,” explained Stefan.

Gannet Fishmongers Factory Shop is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm at their HQ in Ballybane Industrial Estate. has just launched a daily delivery service to Galway City Customers for more information or to order visit Gannet at Galway Market each Saturday or order fish to your door anywhere in the country at 

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