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Effective Communication Workshop

February 7, 2023

Effective Communication Workshop

Sometimes we think we are listening but actually we are just waiting to speak.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work with Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Galway and their Youth Advocates (YAs). as well as Clinician Bree and Youth and Community Engagement Worker Laura. I love workshop and group collective environments, you learn so much through what your are presenting from the reactions, responses and conversations of the people you are in the room with. Its invaluable.

The YAs are working on a very important communication project this year and before they embarked on this, they wanted to build confidence through effective communication skills.

To me a good communicator means being a good LISTENER.

•Communicating well is a skill. And the great news is this can be learnt.

•What is a skill- The Ability to do something well

Throughout the afternoon we touched on ways in which we all can develop the skill of communication- listening, observing, body language, tone, inflection and meeting people where they are.

•Good communication for me lies in storytelling. Stories evoke feelings and this will resonate long after you have spoken with people.

Remember: Listening to understand, not to respond