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Slow Cabins®  launches its first off grid cabin experiences at ‘secret’ Irish locations

July 12, 2022

The eco hospitality brand invites you to take a digital detox & escape hectic working life for a few days

Post pandemic, we have rediscovered the charm and benefits of nature in our own country. Slow Cabins have been recognising the need to slow down since 2017 and is now launching its first locations in Ireland to cater for growing demand.

The company designs and places off grid cabins at secluded secret locations in nature, all within a 2.5 hour drive of major European city hubs. The concept revolves around an eco-friendly ‘low impact’ stay at a secret location not too far from home. Take a break without (choice) stress, complexity and long travel times. The escape, designed for 1-2 people encourages full attention on living ‘the slow life’.

This summer, from August 1st, Slow Cabin’s first secret Irish location will launch with bookings now open. So, the question that everyone wonders? Where am I going?! Clients book without knowing the exact location of the cabin, letting the company take the ‘stress of the choice’ out of your hands. Then within two weeks of the trip, you’re provided with coordinates of the exact cabin location . Even when you arrive, you’ll park a short distance away and hike to discover your cabin, so come prepared!

So what can you expect? The cabins are sustainable by necessity, and encourage time to reconnect with each other and with the environment around you. Each Slow Cabin brings the outside in, equipped with a queen size bed and crisp white linen. There’s also a large log burner to keep you warm and cosy on rainy Irish days. This is all framed by large panoramic windows for full contact with the great outdoors. They’re each clad in shou sugi ban (Japanese charred wood) cladding, helping the cabins nestle neatly into their environment. Outside when the sun is shining, expect beautiful countryside, private space for a fire pit and grill and seats to watch the world go by.

“Recent European studies show that our resilience improves and stress levels decrease by up to 70% after a stay in nature. Getting away from it all brings peace, energy and a sense of perspective. And that’s where Slow Cabins have an interesting role to play in a fast ‘always-on’ society”, says Slow Cabins Ireland Director, Matthew Parkinson.

It is the complete return to nature, off grid living and to the simple draws of our physiology. Nature is healing. Moving away from the rush and fast pace of everyday life so you can completely switch off. This could be through hiking, cycling or enjoying some superb local food. On your stay you’re equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Slow Cabins are powered by nature’s resources-  through sunlight and water. When you arrive, you’ll have a charged battery, as well as a full tank of filtered rainwater. This allows you to live simply and self-sufficiently and with minimal impact. This is intentional and  comes back to their model of regenerative eco-hospitality. The goal –  to help sustain and improve a place through giving  back to local biodiversity projects at a host site. Slow Cabins even provide tips on how to manage your energy throughout and after your stay. It can take a little bit of a mindset shift but totally worth it! 

There is strict quality criteria in identifying and selecting a site for cabins. This includes a thorough impact assessment to ensure they’re working with the environment rather than against it. There will only ever be a few Slow Cabins at any given location. This ensures peacefulness and privacy for guests and respect for nature. Once there, guests will also receive all kinds of insider tips about the area to enjoy the locality as it is and should be.  A guilt free, thoughtful, stay in nature. 

(Slow Cabins Ireland have opened their bookings for 2022)

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