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Blue Teapot Searching for New Actors

October 18, 2023

Blue Teapot Searching for New Actors

Blue Teapot Theatre Company has launched a search for new actors aged 18 and over to join its full-time theatre ensemble. The award-winning Galway theatre company is looking to expand its talent pool by inviting aspiring actors with an intellectual disability to audition for a permanent place within the resident company of artists. This positive development is part of an overall expansion, aligned to the company’s Strategic Arts Plan (2023-2027).

Speaking about the search, Artistic Director Petal Pilley commented, “This autumn, a rare opportunity has arisen to join our coveted, professional ensemble. We will be holding open auditions for a small number of places, casting the net wide in search of brilliant talent. Previous acting experience is not necessary; many actors come to their careers as diamonds in the rough looking for an opportunity to shine. The successful candidates will join our vibrant, experienced cohort of actors to develop and perform theatre on Ireland’s main stages and beyond”.

Company actor Kieran Coppinger agreed, saying, “Be yourself, be proud of the fact you have a disability. When you’re on that stage, it’s a whole different world”.

For almost thirty years, Blue Teapot has worked consistently to radically transform theatre practices by telling stories through the lens of disability, paving the way for inclusive practices to become the norm. Artistic achievements in theatre include Sanctuary, Dancing At Lughnasa and last year’s production of Into the Dark Woods written by the company’s own Charlene Kelly in a co-production with The Abbey as well as twice nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award.

Stage and screenwriter Christian O’Reillyadded, “This is a unique opportunity to join an extraordinary ensemble of brilliant actors and to develop artistically in an environment that is professional, supportive and fun”.

Interested candidates should apply to audition via email or by calling 091 520 977 (Mon to Thurs 9am – 5pm). Deadline is 12pm Monday 13 November.  

Auditions will be held late November and early December. For detailed information, visit which includes accessibility controls for the visually impaired.

Featured In the Media Love

Artists guide children to creatively express their feelings around climate change

September 26, 2023

Artists Maisie Lee from Ireland and Jessica Wilson from Australia have embarked on a creative journey with children from Galway, inviting them to creatively express their feelings about climate change. The outcome of this imaginative collaboration is ‘The Shape of Quiet Feelings’, a captivating and immersive experience that transforms children’s ideas and dreams into myth-like stories and creatures. This unique project aims to empower children and their families to approach the formidable challenges of climate change with fresh perspectives.

Climate change, though a pressing global issue, can often seem abstract and intimidating to young minds. Lee and Wilson sought to change that by encouraging children from 4 national schools and the Baboró Children’s Panel to envision their feelings about climate change. What do they feel when they imagine it? What colours and shapes represent those feelings? The results of these creative inquiries are at the heart of work.

Through an atmospheric and sensory world, this immersive experience invites children aged 8 and above, along with their families, to explore the imaginative landscapes and stories born from the minds of Galway’s youth. By giving form and narrative to the seemingly insurmountable concept of climate change, this interactive exhibition promises to inspire new approaches to the challenges that lie ahead.

The Shape of Quiet Feelings opens on Saturday 14 and runs until Sunday 22 October at Blue Teapot Theatre on Munster Avenue in Galway’s Westend. The Duration is 20 min + 20 min workshop. For more

Event Schedule:

Saturday & Sunday Times: 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM

Monday to Friday Times: 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM

A Baboró commission funded by the Arts Council Commissions Award. Supported by TRACKS co-commission fund. Co-conceived by Lead Artist Baboró Artist in Residence Maisie Lee and Mentor Jessica Wilson.