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Traditional material meets modern colour palette to reimagine the bathroom space

June 16, 2021

Concrete embodies strength, is adaptable and durable, combining this traditional material with a modern colour element, A Glyde concrete basin is raising the style stakes when it comes to making a statement in the bathroom.

Made in Ireland, every unit is a bespoke, hand-made and hand-finished piece. Glyde Concrete basins deliver excellent value, style and substance. As all Glyde basins are pre sealed, this natural material is then ideal for hard working and busy bathrooms . Glyde can sink into a one piece look to combine the basin and vanity top, or form a pedestal with the concrete basin making a Glyde basin the star of your bathroom.

The Glyde basin collection includes various shapes, colours and sizes. With the August Basin, customers can choose from two height options. The gentle curve brings elegance and sophistication through its style, shape and substance or with The Joseph, which is a space saver sink ideal for tight areas. It has a flat surface to the side of the sink will allow you to either mount a tap on it or use as a surface to keep soap etc.

“Working with Concrete in the home allows your home to have a personality in rooms that sometimes can be overlooked. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and it’s where some of our most peaceful and relaxing moments of the day are. Having always loved the use of natural materials in renovations and home builds, Glyde has a nod and respectful link to Ireland’s concrete traditions. The use of concrete in Ireland can be traced as far back as 1850, in the foundations of a bridge crossing the River Glyde, in Dundalk. As the benefits of this material were realised, concrete was increasingly used as a solution to construction problems at the time. Now we are back to using concrete for all its positive factors such as its flexibility in colour change and its hard-wearing properties” explained a spokesperson for Glyde.

Glyde has also partnered with Carbon Offset Ireland to plant one tree for every basin purchased. This will sequester more carbon than used in our production process.

For more information or to order your Glyde Basin log onto or follow Glyde on Instagram for design and style inspiration.

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Light installation goes on maiden voyage on the River Shannon

June 16, 2021

Launching today and running until 20 June, Light Ballet, presented as part of Brightening Air, will transform the skies and surrounding landscape of eight counties with a light installation floating down the River Shannon over eight days. Light Ballet will be visible from up to seven kilometres and covering almost two hundred kilometres. The journey begins each night from dusk (approx 10.15 pm) starting off in Co Roscommon on June 13 and travels through Leitrim, Longford, Offaly, Westmeath, Tipperary, Clare, ending its journey in Co Galway. Light Ballet is presented as part of Brightening Air | Coiscéim Coiligh, a nationwide, ten-day season of arts experiences brought to you by the Arts Council, for June 2021

Created by Irish Light Artist Mick Murray and Lighting Designer Matthew Cregan, the installation is accompanied by a newly composed soundscape by David Kitt. The light installation and soundscape are synchronised in real-time allowing audiences to experience the soundscape at home, along the edgelands or those in-between places through their phones, tablets or computers. Audiences will be able to access the soundscape via the Culture Works ( and Brightening Air ( website from June 13. The artwork will run on a seven minute cycle for four hours each night from dusk and the full show cycle can be seen at any point along the route.

The newly composed soundscape by David Kitt uses a familiar Irish musical time signature, intermixed with words from Poet Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe and Kitts own vocal. David Kitt brings us on a journey through, river, ‘spirit land’ and the surrounds. Once entwined, these lands, the people, the river and their connection in music, words and song deliver us to a new place, a spiritual journey along the river through its edgelands, to a familiar place. Drawing inspiration from William Butler Yeats’s own Song of Wandering Aengus, the soundscape for Light Ballet was created by David Kitt, with words from Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe’s poem Wandersong in collaboration with Mick Murray and Matthew Cregan.

For regular updates and to experience Light Ballet digitally, follow Light Ballet on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and at or Via

For those who do not get to experience the artwork in person, Light Ballet’s journey will be Live Streamed as well as being documented and shared online afterwards.

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New Delicatessen and Wine Shop opens on Galway Docks

June 16, 2021

Ruibin on the Docks in Galway City Centre is temporarily popping back as a Deli and Wine Shop. Since opening their doors in 2019, Ruibin has quickly joined the illustrious Galway ‘Must eat’ locations and throughout 2020 they kept their customers fed through their local market boxes which champions the best of what is on offer with Irish produce.

Now, Ruibin is back but with a slight twist of course to adapt to where hospitality is at. The Deli at Ruibin will be a place where you can get lunch to go and your evening dinner too, (Although this will require you to heat it up once you get home!) The Deli will be stocked with homemade filled bagels, Cold and Hot Healthy Bowls filled with fresh veggies, salads, fresh fish, meats and of course all plant-based options. To hit the sweet spot Ruibin bakes will include homemade Sourdoughs, Focaccia, Dulce de Leche Brownies and Cookies. Ruibin are introducing their home line too with house made Marinades, sauces, vinegars and date ketchups.

“Opening Ruibin up as a Deli allows us to continue to be in our business creating food that people can enjoy when they are in Galway City or when they get back home. We designed a menu so that Ruibin can still be enjoyed al fresco or at your kitchen table. Creating Ruibin for retail means customers can get the best of kitchen sauces, marinades and condiments that can add to their kitchen cupboards and to their foods at home. Lunch here is all about grabbing something really tasty and heading to the Long Walk, Salthill or around Galway City Centre. We are now so used to the outdoor life, so we thought we could bring a little comfort and flavour to your afternoon eating! Our evening meals range means all you have to do is collect it and heat it up once you get in the door home. Ideal and easy! explained Alice Jary Head Chef and Co-Owner of Ruibin.

The Wine Shop focuses on small producers from around the world, with the story of the vineyard and wine grower plays an important part in this collection of wines. Working with La Mission Wines and Wine Lab, the Ruibin Wine Shop has an extensive range of organic, natural and biodynamic wines that will pair beautifully with your summer plans. “We will be there too of course to help pair wine to the cook at home meals that are on that evening or for that summer al fresco picnic we will all be pros at by the time mid-summer arrives! “said Richie Kennan Co-Owner of Ruibin.

Rúibín is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12noon to 6pm, on Saturday from 11am to 7pm and lunch is available from 12noon to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday. For more information check out, email or phone 091-399200. Get social with Ruibin on Instagram and Facebook.

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West of Ireland inspired line Launches capsule gold collection

February 2, 2021

NCAD graduate and west of Ireland inspired Jewellery Designer Lynsey De Burca who creates minimal aesthetic jewellery pieces has launched a Gold capsule collection.

Living in Moycullen in Galway, Inspiration is found in her surroundings and from her studio there she runs a business that now has an International customer base.

Lynsey marries metal works and captivating gemstones into her creations.  “Through my NCAD Metals Degree I have a wide knowledge of metalworking- specialising in jewellery making and precious metals. This was where I was encouraged to develop my individual craft and design skills. Gold has always been such a love of mine and this year I wanted to celebrate it with its own collection,” explained Lynsey.

After further study at NUIG where she gained a diploma in Gemmology and also a greater draw ad knowledge to make informed decisions when incorporating gemstones into several collections “The Gemmology course provided me with an education in laboratory-based techniques used to identify gemstones and also provided me with hands on experience in identification protocols using a comprehensive collection of gemstones.”

Life experiences, education and a clear passion for creativity has led De Burca to gain a very loyal following. Her online and her pieces are stocked at independent jewellers and retailers across Ireland. For creating her work, she combines many different skills like Piercing, Soldiering, Roller Mill Texturing, Forging and Electroplating,

“For my jewellery; every piece is created in sterling silver and using centuries old craft techniques, each link from every one of my collections is hand forged in my studio in Galway. The links have their own unique fingerprint – they are all different, organic. Each individual one retains an untouched raw texture on the outer edge contrasting against the smooth high polish of its flat finished front. This reflects the rough texture of the rocks along our coastline in repose against a sometimes flat and tranquil silver tide.

For creating her work, she combines many different skills like Piercing, Soldiering, Roller Mill Texturing, Forging and Electroplating, “With over 14 years’ experience in retail that has proved invaluable to me. These experiences in high-end jewellery galleries, applied arts galleries, antique jewellers and fashion boutiques just ignited my love for making beautiful things,” said Lynsey.

The Gold Capsule Collection includes a Pendant, Earrings, and Rings starting from €80.  To shop the collection log onto or get social across Instagram and Facebook.

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Shorter hours, consecutive days off leads to better business for Galway Jewellers

October 9, 2020

Shopping locally and rebooting the economy is the talking point right now, but just how does an independent retailer continue to keep their doors open and reinvent the shopping model whilst also benefiting their staffs health and wellbeing?
The west of Ireland’s premier jewellers Hartmanns of Galway reopened their physical doors over one month ago with an adapted business model to suit the world we are all in now.
These days Hartmanns have adapted their opening days and hours, so every week from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm, Hartmanns is open for business.However they have also moved to a more streamlined ecommerce model that allows people to shop 24/7 online at
Maria Hanley who has worked at Hartmanns for over 18 years explains how the adapted hours and business model has impacted positively on her professional and personal life, “With the arrival of Covid 19 many things have changed, some of which have been positive. Working reduced hours and now having consecutive days off has its benefits, both mentally and physically. I find finishing work at 5pm allows extra time for shopping (locally obviously), visiting family and friends, continued education, walking the prom and using the gym along with socialising and the dreaded house work!!  The improved work life balance and realigning how we do business to combat the challenges in this current climate has led to improved productivity. With exciting innovations in how we provide a personal service to our clients that includes the addition of our private diamond viewing room and the Hartmanns by Appointment service, has also helped create a personal customer experience in a positive way.”
The store has had a refurb and they have just launched a new service… Now Special jewellery consultations are available with, Hartmanns by Appointment where you can now book your shopping time at or

“Shopping and supporting local independent businesses is now key to our recovery and survival. Our expert staff are here to help you choose that perfect engagement ring or that significant item of jewellery to mark a very special person or moment in your life. Galway is open for business so come into the city or shop online locally.We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon,” said Richard.

For more information check out  or get social across Instagram and Facebook at HartmannsofGalway.

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Galway gateway to connectivity to Europe

October 9, 2020

The West coast of Ireland and Galway has been designated as a landing location for international telecommunications cables with Increased availability of terrestrial networks across the country enabling this. Farice, which is fully owned by the Icelandic Government and currently owns and operates two submarine cables that connect Iceland to Northern Europe , has been undertaking preparatory work for a new submarine fibre cable from Iceland to Europe via Galway since early 2019.

Identifying a landing site in Europe was a key element of this preparatory work and in addition to this, suitable seabed approaches to Galway and the ability to land a cable in the heart of the city greatly enhances the attractiveness of Galway as a landing site and as a potential hub of global connectivity.  

Explaining why Galway, CEO of Farice Thorvardur Sveinsson commented, “After careful consideration of many factors, Galway was selected by Farice as the European cable landing location.  The Icelandic landing site will be on the Reykjanes peninsula with the final location to be decided during the winter 2020/2021. This coupled with Galway’s reputation for business, education and hospitality will lead to a win win situation. The enhanced global activity provided by the system will be a catalyst for attracting high tech business to the city and the regions.”

A submarine cable route survey and detailed marine investigation has now commenced from Galway to the boundary of the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone. This survey marks an important milestone in the project development as it is the first seabed survey of the favoured cable route.  The results of the survey will support Farice in further development of the project and in validating Galway as the European landing site for the submarine cable.  The project could result in a new submarine fibre cable between Iceland and Ireland becoming operational within two years from financing being secured.

“Ireland has many important attributes that makes it attractive as a destination for this new cable from Iceland, over and above the relatively short distance between the two countries.  Ireland is at the nexus of new trans-Atlantic connections, is a centre of choice for European operations for many international businesses and has a rich and diverse pool of skilled labour in its workforce. Ireland has thus firmly established itself at the forefront of the development of Europe’s digital infrastructure and as such is an important connection point for a new submarine cable between Iceland and Europe.”

“It is often perceived that international telecommunications are carried out by satellite. This is a common misconception and in reality, the vast majority of global communications is carried on fibre optic cables and particularly sub-sea cables. The capacity of such cables is quite incredible and a single pair of fibre strands could satisfy the demands of most of Galway City. Due to the very high capacity of modern systems, subsea fibre cables are incredibly small in size (approx. 25mm diameter) and are very fast and non-intrusive to install. The overall benefits greatly outweigh the short-term inconvenience during the installation. The presence of the Farice system landing in Galway will provide direct high capacity links to Iceland but also to Northern Europe via Denmark and the UK and will greatly increase capacity and connectivity in Galway City and the regions,” said Thorvardur.

For more information on Farice log onto

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Eat More Fish and support the RNLI

October 9, 2020

Eat More Fish have launched a nationwide campaign to encourage people to eat local, seasonal sustainable and affordable fish and support the RNLI’s annual Fish Supper fundraiser at the same time.

The RNLI crews drop everything to help save lives at sea, including their dinner! So this October,People can host a Fish Supper and fundraise to help the charity during this busy and challenging year #RNLIFishSupper

Eat More Fish have teamed up with some of Ireland’s best Chefs in Jess Murphy, Neven Maguire, JP McMahon and Enda McEvoy and they are taking on a weekly challenge of cooking with sustainable fish sources caught locally. They will showcase how you can cook squid, hake, mussels and monkfish easily in your home.    

The idea is to host a Fish Supper with friends and family either in person or virtually, and for attendees to make a donation to RNLI. are helping facilitate this by providing the recipes and donating 25% of all sales from the featured product each week during the month of October. To entice people further to donate more, will be giving a €100 voucher incentive for their biggest customer fundraiser. The Fish Supper is RNLI’s big annual fundraiser and this year it will run throughout October.

“This year, we are asking our customers to join us in supporting the RNLI by hosting a Fish Supper in a covid secure way and make a donation to the organisation. We’re proud to support the RNLI’s volunteer lifesavers. We want to show people that eating local, in season fish is the best way to enjoy what we have on our doorstep. We have the best chefs helping us to create beautiful fish dishes at home, we can deliver this fish to your door and we can support the RNLI in the process. The featured species are sourced from small-scale fishermen operating inshore boats along the West Coast. During the initial COVID lockdown it was these fishermen who we chose to support, and who supplied our customers with fresh Irish fish during uncertain times.” explained Stephane Griesbach of

To see the recipes, to get involved and to raise some funds for the RNLI log onto and get social across EatmoreFish and Gannet Fish on Instagram and Facebook. 

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Galway Food Tours launch self-guided food tour

October 9, 2020

The award winning Galway Food Tours which has been guiding people through the food scene of Galway for over five years has developed a way for people to explore Galway’s incredible produce, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and bars.. but on their own terms.

The Galway Food Tours Guide Book brings together over 40 of their personal suppliers as well as Sheena and Gosia’s (The women behind Galway Food Tours) most loved parts of the city . “The intention of this project is for people to explore Galway through their knowledgeable eyes and with their recommendations to engage with the city’s collaborative nature,” explained Sheena and Gosia.

This keepsake pocket book reveals what they particularly love about Galway, its people and their great places to eat, drink superb wines and creamy pints; attend small, independent cultural events and share the simple pleasures in life. Of course, there is the inside track on where to visit, eat and drink but also vouchers and discounts in their collaborative partners locations too. It’s all Galway really with illustrations by local artist Gala Tomasso.

The self-guided Galway Food Tour gives experience, value and that insider knowledge that everyone needs to know when visiting a new place. Some of the highlights include one of the best sourdough sandwiches in Galway is in Tartare and with the pocket book you can enjoy just that, enjoy a glass of wine at Ruibin on the docks, On Saturdays its Galway Market time and those world famous Boychik Doughnut and head out the road to Barna for a taste of Hooked Seafood with 10% off. Then its onto Tigh Neachtains where you will get 10 % on craft beer, fancy some Sushi there is 10% off at WA Sushi. The shopping may begin then at The Tweed Project with 10% these curated Irish Designs or if you fancy a screen-printed T Towel from Kai Restaurant this too making for an ideal gift for yourself or someone very lucky.

“This book has been created to highlight Galway and is one that can be treasured for years to come. The illustrations, the little inside notes and the overall sense of Galway within it means it will make its way into homes, rucksacks and tote bags across the country and world for years to come. That is the beauty of it, a true travel treasure, “said Gosia.

The Galway Food Tours Self-Guided Pocket Book is €35 and is available to buy from McCambridges, Ard Bia Restaurant, Charlie Byrnes, Coffeewerk + Press and Tigh Neachtains. For all other retailers check out Galway Food Tours across all social channels and online at

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Galway Brothers make history as they are named in Top 50 Best Pizzerias in Europe

October 9, 2020

The Dough Bros in Galway City have made history by being named in the prestigious 50 Top Pizza (Europe) for 2020. Eugene and Ronan Greaney who run The Dough Bros were named at number 21 by the judging panel at a ceremony held in Milan earlier this Month. Just two pizzerias in Ireland featured on the list and for the first time the west of Ireland was not only featured but ranked at 21 in Europe.

These awards highlight talent and the dedication of pizza which go beyond the city of Naples.  The ceremony was live streamed around Europe to over 75,000 people and history was made by this Irish family for the very first time.

Since beginning in 2013, The Dough Bros Pizza was inspired by Naples but in this they have beautifully married the best of Irish produce and their own personalities to create what is now a household brand and style of pizza.  The secret is in the making and dedication to quality every time as they prove their dough for between 48-72 hours then pair it with seasonal local produce and finally cooking it in a 500-degree Stefano Ferrara wood fired oven

Working with Toons Bridge Dairy, Sliabh Aughty Honey, Fingal Ferguson of Gubbeen and more, The Dough Bros bring the best of Irish Cheese & Charcuterie meats and pair them with ‘00’ flour and San Marzano Tomato sourced from Naples. Adding elements like Galway honey for a sweetness and a flavour punch found on one of their best sellers The Peter Stinger that celebrates Irish produce at its best. The line up here features Toons Bridge fresh fior di latte (Co Cork), parmesan, fresh basil, Gubbeen Chorizo (Co. Cork) fresh chilli, finished with lashings of Hot Honey (Co. Galway).

“The average level of quality found and verified by our inspectors in the pizzerias in the Old Continent,” conclude the three curators, “is rising steadily with peaks of excellence such as those present in our 50 Top Europe ranking.  We could say that if the Champions League of pizza continues to be held in Italy, progress is being made every year in the other European leagues.  Furthermore, it is no longer only Italian pizza chefs and entrepreneurs that have emigrated abroad (or their descendants) who contribute to the growth of the European pizza culture, but also professionals of diverse nationalities.”

“The ’50 Top Pizza Guide’ to the Best Pizzerias in the World’ is like the Pizza worlds Michelin Guide. We were visited unannounced at our restaurant on Middle Street, upon that visit we were unknowingly judged on the pizza, the ingredients, the execution of the cooking etc but also the standard of service, experience, beer and wine list, “explained Eugene. The awards are based on pure merit and are judged by the best, from Naples Italy, who travelled the length and breadth of Europe to find the Top 50.”

In February, Eugene and Ronan heard from Top 50 Pizza that they had been visited and would learn in a number of weeks if they made the top 50, which would mean a trip to Milan would have been on the cards in September to pick up the coveted award. Fast forward into the middle of lockdown here and the bros received the news that they had in fact made the Top 50.

“This was surreal. We were all in different houses and away from each other so even though we were over the moon about our Top 50 news, we really didn’t feel it as we were apart and in the midst of this pandemic, it was almost like it didn’t seem real.”

The awards in Milan of course could not go ahead but the organisers were not going to let a year’s work not be celebrated and the live streamed the prestigious event instead.

“We were all naturally devastated not to be travelling to Milan, to meet our peers and to experience this brilliant moment for us, our families and our business. But we decided we would not let the big night pass us by. We were adamant to mark this massive international award with those that have been there from the start.”

The Dough Bros went all out, and created their very own black tie, formal event. The location of course was their own family home and with their Tux’s on from Galway Institution for formal wear Martin Feeney, the lads were ready to tune in online and find out just where they were ranked in the Top 50 Pizzerias in Europe.

“We rented tuxes, borrowed a projector from mates, had a slap-up meal with plenty of wine and watched the countdown live with family and loved ones on the big screen. To be in the TOP 50 was a lifetime achievement in itself but to be named at no 21 was something we are incredibly proud of. It’s a huge win for The Dough Bros but also for pizza in Ireland and Irish food in general. These awards rarely pass Dublin so it’s a huge win for the west too. Our goal was to revolutionise pizza in Ireland and put Irish Pizza on the International map, and it feels like we have done that.

“In the end it worked out the exact way it was supposed to. Instead of being in Milan, we were at our home house, where it all began with the food truck, with family and loved ones who all helped us make it in the early days. Just 7 years ago we were in a food truck at Farmers markets so to see our name called at no 21 in Europe was a feeling and a night we will never forget,” said Eugene and Ronan Greaney.

For the latest on The Dough Bros check them out across all social platforms or in house on Middle Street in Galway, in O’Connell’s Bar in Eyre Square Galway or order The Dough Bros at Home Pizza Kits from

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A Handsome Expansion

October 9, 2020

Named as Ireland’s best burger in 2019, Handsome Burger have been adapting their business since they started as a pop up over three years ago.  2020 was the same for the burger boys business as every other hospitality owner in the country, they had to close, then reimagine how their business would reopen and would now work for where the world is at now.

Throughout the lockdown, the company which employs 22 people was now back to the founders only, from 22 to 3, this in itself was hard to comprehend when all the plans for 2020 and beyond were of expansion. Handsome Burger reimagined was all about the do it yourself at home burger box, creating Handsome at Home kept the business afloat, it allowed them to bring back staff and it ensured that the brand they had worked on was still relevant.

Bit by bit the Handsome operation expanded, the HQ on Dominick Street which they opened in 2019, was now a collection point and take away only. As restrictions lifted, “We felt we could safely open again. We had the lads in that helped us kit out the restaurant back to fit it out to all the requirements and then had to change this again once we were ready to open for sit in customers. It’s a big expense back on the business but we wanted our customers back in those doors and not to forget what we do best. We expanded our covered outdoor eating area as well, so as to have more space and more options to eat with us,” explained Rory McCormack Owner of Handsome Burger.

Handsome Burger Popped up in Athlone earlier this year at Maisies and it was a very successful bringing the burgers and their buzz to the Midlands. From here other locations were sought and now Handsome Burger is popping up in Limerick at Flannerys and in Westport at Henehans Bar. The collaboration with pubs has allowed Handsome to expand their customer base whilst their ethos and overall food style remains absolutely true to their providence as a market stall on day one. Local meat, freshly baked buns, Irish cheese, spuds and all the signature sauces and cooking methods go everywhere they set up.

Now the Handsome Burger business has taken back on their 22 staff and are operational across three counties, the Handsome at Home burger DIY kits have been shipped to every county in Ireland and they are now launching their own cocktail bar at the HQ. Oh and not to mention they have just launched their own beer brew, the Handsome which is a Helles Style lager available in house in Galways westend.

Talking on Handsome Burger as of now Rory remarked, “Its been an absolutely roller-coaster year. It has been so challenging just trying to get your head around a pandemic, one that affects every aspect of your life. Our business is personal, it’s our absolute life and letting go our staff was one of the hardest days we have had. But perseverance, hard work as well as staying positive and adapting has meant we now have the Handsome team back and we are growing. Each day we take at a time and we are grateful that we have such incredible customers and our Galway home and base has been one of the best things for us to realise out of all this.”

Enjoy the Handsome classic the BOB, The Roost, Loaded fries and of course those traditional triple cooked rosemary fries in Galway, Limerick and Mayo or enjoy a Handsome at home. For more check out Handsome Burger across social channels and at

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October 9, 2020

New York May 2022, Damian Browne & Fergus Farrell will push a 7m Ocean Rowing boat away from the dock and row out into The Hudson River. The next time their feet touch land will be 4937kms away, when they arrive in their hometown, Galway, Ireland. In the process and unsupported, they will endure and cross by manpower alone, one of the most unforgiving and ferocious pieces of water on the planet, The North Atlantic Ocean.

This project is founded on dreams, legacy, purpose and the belief that we can all achieve extraordinary things if we commit and do the work. 

Project EMPOWER’s mission is to empower all to find their true potential through the execution of planned ambitious endeavour. 
“We hope to give future generations of Ireland and the World, a real image and touchable action to emulate and inspire them to dream big in whatever avenue of life they pursue.”

They can’t do this without you. They need your help!

Damian & Fergus won’t get very far without a boat and they are launching their crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to build this specialised craft that will keep them safe on one of the World’s most unforgiving oceans.

If you want to support, click this link – and purchase a Project EMPOWER perk and Join the Project EMPOWER crew now!

Film created by Lorcan Hynes is an award-winning Irish filmmaker. The Row -Written & Directed by Lorcan HynesCreative: Laurence O’ByrneDOP: Narayan Van MaeleColour: Peter Oppersdorff (Moving Picture Company)Music & Sound: Denis KiltyEdit: Rob HegartyFinishing: Jen Connolly (Raygun)Flame: Michael Dowling