The PR Story of #GalwayNovena 2017 and Galway Cathedral

The PR Story of #GalwayNovena 2017 and Galway Cathedral

The Galway Solemn Novena is special for so many reasons, its a 9 day celebration of faith and life in Galway. People young and old travel from across Connacht to take a little time out to pray, to reflect, to find some peace and to just be part of this great few days.

It is our job to tell the story of the Novena so that everyone feels welcome and that more people will continue to come and enjoy the festival of faith. This years campaign was based around Mercy, stories and the fact that people really just wanting to be seen and heard.

The AVE on this campaign is worth €575,000.

Here is a look at the media coverage and the story of Galway Novena 2017:

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To be seen and to be listened to. A theme that has been spoken about at this years Galway Novena.   The role of confession is changing, its now a place where people go to talk. Inspired by Fr Clement words this week Newstalk Drive reports. Galway Independent 22 2 2017

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Galway Advertiser 23 2 2017

Galway Novena hailed a success- as numbers in attendance rose again


Galway Cathedral has had one of its most successful novenas in years.  Numbers by all accounts were up, and a greater mixture of ages was very evident this year.


Father Adrian Egan, one of the Redemptorists on the Novena team commented, “Despite all the odds, there’s a longing and a hunger in people’s hearts, and given the right menu people will come in their droves!”


Father Brendan O’Rourke, Novena Director commented:  “This is my 6th year directing the Galway Cathedral Novena.  I have no doubt that numbers-wise the Novena is growing.  We gave out 6,000 medals to babies, children, families on Sunday.  We met a lot of babies and a lot of grannies too!!  Also the numbers at the two late night quieter Novena sessions has doubled in the last 4 years!”


The Novena was blessed with mild weather and only a day and a half of rain.  Fr. O’Rourke commented:  “We had a fine team of preachers this year also, including the Reverend John Godfrey of the Church of Ireland, who formerly worked in RTE.  RTE’s loss, our gain!!  Angela Marson spoke on the 8th day of the Novena and many were delighted to hear a woman of deep faith and wisdom find God’s presence in the words of her 4 year-old granddaughter.”


Father O’Rourke commented that while it may be true that confessions are down in many places in Ireland: “In the Cathedral we were kept busy throughout the 9 days.”  Redemptorist Father Clem MacManúis remarked that many of the confessions are moving away from the laundry-list of sins, and attempting more of an anam-cara style of communication and celebration.  Father O’Rourke supported this, adding that one of the most mature and honest confessions he heard during the Novena was made by a man in his early 20’s: “I was so moved by his honesty and faith.  It gave me great hope for the future and in the goodness of our young men and women.”


Father Séamus Devitt commented on the remarkable commitment so many make to attend the Novena, setting out from home, travelling by car or bus, often in heavy traffic, finding parking, attending the novena, waiting for traffic to ease off afterwards, and then the journey home:  “A very significant commitment and repeated day after day for the whole 9 days!”


The Galway Solemn Novena will be back in 2018 and will run from 19-27 February.

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