Lucy Talks: A Review

So last night 37 west and I began a meditation course in Salthill. Amazing. It is centred around Happiness, Peace and Love-which are ultimately all connected because from peace comes love and from love brings happiness. We can all lead with a negative thought first, with the people we love and the people we don’t. So this week I am actively thinking loving thoughts first!

So then I get this incredible email from Bernie at Ballyhaunis Community School– where I gave a talk just last month. I am literally blown away by her and the students words and perhaps by sharing this I am simply showing myself love. A kind word is one of the most powerful things we can all do and say in life, so today why not do this and share the love.


I train Ladies Gaelic Football and basketball in my local post primary school where I teach. I’ve been looking for a speaker to come into the girls to talk about sport, nutrition, mindset and self awareness for some time now.

I’ve followed Lucy for over two years on her blogs and just find her inspirational and always uplifting in her outlook. I love the way she incorporates real in to her blog in a world obsessed with fake and ‘perfection’ brands and consumerism.

As part of our Wellness and Nutrition programme for our Mayo LGFAmembers in school I decided to invite Lucy to come to speak to our students and couldn’t believe it when she said she could. I just knew she’d be fab. But couldn’t have believed the Totally positive effect she has had on the students.

She spoke to first and second years for just over an hour linking the importance of having a healthy attitude, a habit of fitness and good choices and how this benefits her in every aspect of her life. And then for two hours to our third year and senior girls.

She oozed enthusiasm and positivity and had the young audience enthralled from the first minute she walked into the room.

Lucy explained with a very funny story how her dad the legend ‘Horse’ Regan got his nickname and how he cracks her up with his new found love of yoga and other fads.

She went on to tell us her journey through school and other adventures to when she is today a director of two companies (Lisa Regan Public Relations & Strive For It) and a journalist with The Huffington Post. Indeed she mentioned us in her next post!! Yeah Ballyhaunis CS is on the map!

Her pitch to them was right at their level, she pinpointed all the anxieties that they have she had once too, fitting in, the way you walk, who likes you, my hair, how many friends I have etc how she overcame these and found her own self confidence and resilience to negative actions of others.

Her love of fitness and training comes from a real place, a desire to be healthy not superficial.

Lucy told us her different outlook on food now as opposed to when she was younger, her love of salmon and broccoli is now a source of legend.

Social media is pivotal in the lives of all of us but even more so in that of our young people. Lucy spoke about the use and misuse of social media can of taken at face value a warped view of everyone else’s ‘perfect’ lives- they don’t put the crap stuff up you know? She reminded them. And that happiness and accepting who you are is key to your own health, and to be mindful of this.

She was so funny and entertaining and so full of energy that was contagious. I’ve asked for her to return to present to the staff.

I could not recommend Lucy as a speaker to any audience highly enough. Just book a date quick before her diary is full.

Wishing you every success in the future Lucy.

Bernie Osgood

The time spent with Lisa was really good, the talk was really relevant to girls lives today” – Marina 5th year

“Really great talk! She was so easy to listen to and it would inspire one to care for their body more and exercise. But maybe not 7am starts!” – Chloe 5th year

“Fantastic experience. Really inspiring and relate able” – Grainne 5th year

“Best talk I’ve ever heard in the school!” – Meadhbh 6th year

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