Kai Restaurant Food Sustainability world rating

Six months of work on this for Kai Restaurant for Food Made Good has all been worth it today….

Kai Restaurant has been given a 3 Star Rating by Food Made Good with an overall score of 88%. #Sustainability

The highlights was the ratings in categories such as:
Value Natural Resources 92%
Support the Community 97% Galway’s Westend
Celebrate Local and Seasonal 92%- All our suppliers, farmers and producers- Thank you
Waste no Food 95%- Walsh Waste
*Industry standard is 69%

Some info around food waste YOU need to know:

Wasting food burns both money and natural

The land needed to grow all the food we don’t eat is
larger than the size of China. Food waste costs
restaurants an average of 97p per meal, however, a
1300% return on investment could be seen if that
money was pre-emptively spent on reducing food
loss and waste instead.

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