GAMMY- The Play

May 13, 2024

Gammy is a portrait of an Irish contemporary rural female, fuelled by unbearable pain and vicious rage. Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival, GAMMY is the love child of Andrea Arnold’s ‘Fish Tank’, Mark O’Halloran’s ‘Garage’, with a dash of Stephen King’s ‘Misery’. The story is set with all puppy fat, pimples, missing teeth at 31 and working in the same old shop. GAMMY is stuck. GAMMY never grew up. GAMMY got left behind. But today is different, today something is finally going to happen.

Lisa Regan provided excellent PR for GAMMY, a new play that premiered in The Project Arts Centre in Dublin. She expanded our audiences by publicising the play across national print and also radio interviews. We would highly recommend Lisa for her engagement, detailed approach and care she gives to her projects. Kate Finegan Writer

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