Looking good in the rain? Galway fashion designer will have you Singing in the Rain

Looking good in the rain? Galway fashion designer will have you Singing in the Rain

Galway designer launches stylish rainwear collection

A childhood spent dreaming about fashion, Deirdre Kennedy always wanted to create but opted for an office role after being strongly encouraged to get a nice safe job, 20 years later in administrative and recruitment roles her dream has been realised with Singing in the Rain.

The rainwear company she established in early 2017 came into play after the mum of two took a leap of faith after seeing an advert in Galway City Library seeking ‘interested candidates who want to be part of a ‘clothes upcycling team’ and developing a dressmaking skill’.

She got goosebumps immediately, thought of her grandmother who was an amazing dressmaker and went for it! The team was based in St Vincent de Pauls Head office in Galway and this is where she got her first introduction to waterproof fabrics and where she designed and made her first raincoat!

She caught the bug and two years later and advert for fashion college in GTI got her to her ‘home’. I missed the first deadline and was devastated but they opened the course up again for second round places and I got my spot. I really felt like I was home. Thirty ladies from 17-60 from all backgrounds, came together for our shared passion, fashion! It was really tough but I loved every minute of that course,” explained Deirdre.

The course gave the practical’s and also allowed her an opportunity to gain work experience with David Young who is a prestigious tailor in Galway who trained in London’s ‘Saville Row’ where international designers such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen have come behind him.

A vision and dream to create become a reality. Deirdre’s’ husband Gus put the good pressure on, “Four months now Deirdre to get moving on this” It was just the support Deirdre needed. She began cutting, designing and concepting Singing in the Rain in January 2017 and had her first fashion showcase in Galway in March.

“I needed that pressure, I needed to move on it. I had that fear you know of “oh what am I doing?” But I know this is what I love and I am so delighted with the collection for this year.

Singing in the Rains first collection was inspired by the 1950s Hollywood goddess Grace Kelly. The rainwear is bespoke, tailor made and each piece is made as a one off. This year the colour focus is a vibrant yellow, an electric blue, the subtle grey and a chocolatey brown. The rainwear made from 100% waxed cotton is lined to suit each individual customers need. “Some people want a warm heavy lining, some l ove a hood and others just want a beautiful simple clean lined coat. I love each one of the coats but the blue is really special to me.”

“As a country, we simply don’t like dressing for the weather we have. It’s funny you will see us all running around in T shirts when it’s lashing as we don’t want to be caught dead in a hideous rain jacket I am hoping that a stylish rainwear collection might help women go from all the elements we face each day, in style!”

Singing in the Rain is available on social media platforms and on www.singingintherain.eu. Rainwear starts from €250 up to €1,500 with prices on request.

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