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Do you even juice? Sister synergy bringing juicing into the fold

Galway company launches cold press juice line

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Juicy Lucy, are really keeping it simple, “Just drink juice and you will be grand”. Solid advice from the sisters who are taking on the mantle of cold pressed juicing in the west of Ireland.

The company, ran by sisters Jennie and Karena Hutton began in 2015, after nine years of home juicing and seeing the health benefits themselves. Their mom was recovering from surgery so to help her recovery the girls began delivering juices to her daily. From this and many long conversations, Juicy Lucy the concept was born.

Juicy Lucy line is now available across store, coffee shops and deli’s in Galway and to order on line. The range includes three 250mls juices, Sweet Beet Juice with beetroot, apple, ginger, orange and lemon, Bright Root Juice with sweet potato, carrot, apple, orange, lemon and ginger and Clean Green Juice with cucumber, apple, spinach, lemon, wheatgrass and ginger and a line of infused waters.

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Each 250ml bottle of juice contains up to a pound of locally sourced produce. “Condensing the produce into a juice means that you waste no time or energy eating huge amounts of fruit & vegetables. A cold-press, or masticating juicer basically does the chewing for you. There’s no heat involved in the production, retaining all of the living enzymes, which are essential for good health. We don’t use any additives, preservatives or heat pasteurisation treatments that could destroy these valuable nutrients, meaning our juice stays fresher for longer, and retains the benefits that make cold-pressed juice so good for you,” explained Jennie and Karena.

Irish Indo Mothers and Babies Juicy Lucy 3 8 2016With a background in The Arts, working in the Film & TV and on festivals, Jennie had been “dipping in and out of juicing for years”. Like so many others as a quick fix when the jeans were getting a little too tight or for an upcoming trip that would mean a bikini was going to have to be worn! However after having two children, juicing actually helped Jennie to regain her health and lose weight.

“This was the Light bulb moment, I realised the endless and miraculous benefits of focusing on a plant based lifestyle and worshipping daily at the temple of juice!!My son Leon had Eczema and I started him on wheatgrass and green juices when he was three years old. The improvement in his skin condition was incredible. Like alot of parents getting the veggies into your children is difficult, my daughter Ava eats very little veg but drinks all the juices no bother,” explained Jennie.

Juicy Lucy Sunday Times 29 5 2016The path to juicing was quite similar for both sisters, both wanting to increase fruit and veg intake and in an efficient way. “Efficiency is next to godliness as far as i’m concerned. It was from my travels to Australia that I became really impressed with the food and agriculture. To be honest it put me off processed muck and onto seasonal produce from the local area. Upon returning to Galway. Jennie had been on the juice train as well and we thought about how there wasn’t anything in the market here when we started talking about it and wanted to buy cold-pressed juice ourselves,” said Karena.

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“Juicing is the simplest way of getting veggies and nutrients into your body. As a society we have moved so far away from a plantbased diet to a processed diet and many elements of our culture are suffering as a result – family mealtimes are not as focused, cooking and baking skills handed down for generations have been lost and most importantly we are in the midst of an obesity crisis in Ireland,” said Jennie.

The sister duo, Juicy Lucy is offering people easy access to unprocessed nutrients at just the twist of a bottle top. Simple, right?

For more information Juicy Lucy, Cold Pressed Juices, log onto www.juicylucy.ie or get social across all platforms with Juicy Lucy.

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